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Registration and booking for our 2023 guided tours is open now!

2023 Guided Bike Tour Details

We're excited to announce that registration for our 2023 guided bike tour dates is available now! Read the details below to find the best tour for you.

Touring Season

June - September

Tour Duration

4 - 5 Days, 5 - 8 Hours of Active Cycling Per Day


40 - 80 Miles Per Day


Most tour days include activities intermixed with the bike tour, such as short hikes to view waterfalls, coastal vistas, hiking amongst the Redwood Giants, and soaking in hot springs. The needs and interests of the group will determine the ultimate pace, daily mileage, and elevation gain.

Additional Information

Each guided tour is adaptable to a rider’s preferences regarding distance per day and elevation gain.  All tours can accommodate e-bikes.

Tours include all meals, camping fees, lodging, park entrance fees, and support transportation with planned support stops each day.

 Alcohol and guide gratuities are excluded.

Riders will be responsible for bringing or renting their bike for the guided bike tour, and bringing their personal camping gear (tent, pad, sleeping bag, etc). If you do not own camping gear or it is not with you, I will provide it for you. Each rider should also have a personal repair kit for their bike. Spare tubes, chain lube, tire pump, and minor tools are available should the need arise.  A detailed gear list will be sent to each participant well in advance of your tour start date to help you prepare for your adventure. 


Please have your bike professionally serviced before starting the tour. This will help minimize issues and provide you with the best experience. 

Riders should have a GPS unit that they can load the daily courses into and be comfortable navigating on their own should they become separated from the group.

A pre-ride questionnaire will be sent to you to best understand your biking experience, any special dietary requirements, and the gear you plan to bring along.

2023 Bike Tours

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