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long empty winding road for adventure cyclists


Life is a journey. It’s not where you end up, but rather how you got there.

Summit Cycling Adventures is committed to providing adventure cyclists the absolute best bike riding experience by immersing them into nature on their bicycle. Our tours have been created to engage all your senses: sight, smell, touch, feel, and sound. The route we create, nature did the rest and calmly awaits your visit.


While riding the Trans Am self-supported bikepacking race in 2018, I dreamed up the idea to operate a bike touring business. I have raced across the country twice now. Why mention that?


Well, the race experiences coupled with so many other bike riding and packing adventures have prepared me to lead you on your tour. I have faced so many challenges during the races and while just out training and riding for pleasure.

I love racing; however, every time I race, I am reminded that the core draw for me is sharing inspirational outdoor experiences with other cyclists who also love riding their bikes in the superb beauty that nature provides all over the planet. 

What sets Summit Cycling Adventures apart from other bike riding touring companies is that our tours are designed to provide you with a reasonable challenge, an immersion in nature, camping centric, and the absolute best food to power you through the daily rides. A second defining core theme is each tour route has been selected to include side hikes to waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, mountain views, and other stunning features abounding here in Oregon.

Bike Touring is my passion, I look forward to sharing a tour with you soon! 

Giving Back - Connection with Community. The powerful change bike riding can make in someone's life.

I elected to fundraise for the Community Cycling Center during my last race, Bike Non-Stop, a 3,500-mile self-supported bike packing race from Portland Oregon to Washington DC. The Community Cycling Center is a nonprofit serving the community of Portland Oregon. They do amazing work to help those with less resources ride and maintain their bikes. They support summer bike camps for kids and additional programs that make a positive impact in the Portland Community and beyond. 

I randomly met someone who was riding a bike purchased from the Community Cycling Center while riding the Cross Washington bikepacking route. It was a great reminder that no matter the size of the impact you make by helping others, the world is a better place. I believe cycling and traveling by bike is one way for people to recharge themselves before returning to the myriad of work that is so important to be done each day in our world. 

Raising money is challenging and our world is full of need. I look forward to continuing to raise money for the Center as I operate this business. I also learned the extreme place of privilege that allows me to pursue this sport and lifestyle. That profound recognition frames and tempers my day-to-day experience with generosity and kindness. We are all connected. 

Community cycling center logo

Summit Cycling Adventures is committed to working in partnership with the Community Cycling Center. Part of my mission is to continue to give back by empowering others in their discovery process of using a bike to commute, get groceries, go to school, or any other way they choose to include a bike in their lifestyle.

2023 Tours

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